Monday, 30 August 2010


For the current collection Autumn 2010:
organic hemp/cotton blend, eco-friendly hemp/silk blend, antique Maltese lace,
Tagua (Phytelephas palm tree) nut beads (sustainable harvested).

we just love nature

Hemp. Why hemp?
Hemp is one of nature’s wonder materials. It is it natural, renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly and can also be used for more applications that you’d care to imagine. Hemp can provide food, fuel and fibre and is present in just about every aspect of our lives although sadly much less than it was.
But the single greatest thing about Hemp is that we can just keep on growing it – and as long as we do we’ll never run out of it. How great is that?

We choose very soft delicate Hemp fabrics for our clothing pieces. We dye them by hand using only water-based dyes.

Tagua. Tagua Nut Beads.
Tagua often is called vegetable ivory or palm ivory.
Tagua palms are also used as a food and construction wood source.
With using Tagua for our designs we support the Ecuadorian rainforest and help planting new palm trees.
Have a look at our Rainforest Aid project.

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